Kathryn, owner and founder of Kathryn's Creative Cakery

Hi, I’m Kathryn

Owner & founder of Kathryn’s Creative Cakery. Born and raised in Carnarvon WA, I have always had a love for food and cooking. Spending my younger years cooking alongside my Mum, Grandma and Nan, my love for cooking and baking grew as time went on.

I’ve had a sweet tooth since I was little and every time dessert was served, Id always need a piece or scoop of whatever was on offer, especially if it was chocolate!

Whenever someone in my family or a friend had a celebration, I’d always make the cake or a dessert, which I loved doing.

After spending years of baking for family and friends, I decided to start Kathryn’s Creative Cakery to offer my caking creations to everyone in Carnarvon, WA.

Baking with fresh ingredients, Kathryn’s Creative Cakery strive to produce only the best quality cakes for your special occasion. I pride myself in being a perfectionist when it comes to caking, and going above and beyond to ensure each customer is happy with their order. Each cake I create is special and unique to me as I hope it is to you and your guests.

All creations are made in my home-based kitchen which is fully registered and Shire council approved to produce cakes.

I am only caking in my spare time between my Full-time work as a Finance Officer, and my other hobbies such as, fishing off our beautiful coastline and getting behind the wheel of my speedway car most weekends, which means I only have minimal time available. So please make sure to contact me as soon as possible for your next special occasion.

If there is something, in particular, you are after, just ask. I am happy to work with you and your budget to make anything your heart desires.

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